Matthew Bussard Shares 7 Tips to a Longer Life as a Retiree

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Although aging nowadays is more fun than ever before, it is essential to remember that our everyday habits are what contribute the most to a long and healthy life. Today’s small steps will determine the future tomorrow, which is why consistent health practices can help you live longer as a retiree. Here, Matthew Bussard – Rhode Island’s highly recommended financial service broker for Medicare –  shares seven tips all retirees should follow to ensure that their life is not only longer but also more fulfilled. 

Tip #1. Detox Stress

Living a busy lifestyle, balancing social, professional, and personal schedules, produces a level of stress that people adapt to in order to survive. However, when retirement rolls around, a busy lifestyle typically becomes a more open agenda, which can be a challenging transition for most. Keep in mind that stress takes years off of people’s lives and can spark hypertension, so start retirement by adjusting to a stress detox. The New York Times published evidence that revealed that seven years of retirement could be so beneficial for health that it reduces the chance of getting diseases such as diabetes or heart issues. 

Tip #2. Find Meaning and Purpose

When meaning and purpose come from a full and exciting work schedule, retirement can often leave people feeling a little lost. Seniors can use retirement as a new chapter of life that holds a refreshing purpose. Retirees can find meaning to life again by pinpointing what hobbies they enjoy or where they best enjoy spending their time and start booking their schedule with activities that fill up their cups. Volunteering is also another successful option when reconnecting with personal purpose. 

Tip #3. Practice Meditation

Incorporating daily meditation into any retirement schedule will lead to greater mental clarity and personal balance, which helps decrease anxiety related to the change of lifestyle and aging. 

Tip #4. Put the Fun Back in Exercise

Retirement is an excellent opportunity to find a health routine that works the best for personal taste and simpler repetition. Exercising every day helps maintain a healthy lifestyle along with eating a balanced and nutritious diet. To make exercising less of a drag and something to look forward to, seniors should try out new and various forms of exercises until they find the right one they enjoy. 

Tip #5. Think Time, Not Money

To get the most out of any financial retirement plan, seniors should think with the mindset of prioritizing time, not money. By doing so, older adults who are conservative with their retirement funds, will find more reasons to enjoy life. 

Tip #6. Make Exciting Future Plans

Whether it is a walk to a favorite park or a trip to see the grandchildren, always make plans to look forward to, whether that might be every morning, week, month or year. Looking forward to plans or projects will instill a hopeful mindset towards the future. 

Tip #7. Strive for Happiness

Although aging is not always fun, striving for happiness and fulfillment is always advisable, especially as we get older. Doing small things that bring joy into our everyday lives is essential to living a long and happy life. 

About Matthew Bussard

Matthew Bussard is a financial services broker offering support to Medicare users in Rhode Island. He is passionate about creating a difference in his clients’ lives by helping them enroll in Medicare with professionalism and care. Mr. Bussard volunteers with Medicare recipients at Oak Street Health Clinics, providing efficient, continual guidance to clients every step of the way. Matthew also participates in various charitable activities, including The Hunger Project, the MDRT Foundation, local clean-ups, and little league coaching. He donates to local charities and makes a difference in his community in every way possible.