Matthew Bussard Shares 4 Tips to Get Your Parents on Board With Hiring a Caregiver

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It can be challenging to watch your parents get older and not be able to keep them safe at all times. If your parent decides to skip a senior living facility and retire at home, it might make sense to hire a caregiver to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, such discussions can be difficult for your parents since they may not want to lose their independence. Luckily, consensus can be accomplished if you follow these tips provided by Matthew Bussard, Medicare Specialist from Rhode Island.

Tip #1: Understand your parent’s care needs

There are two types of care services available for seniors: home health care services and in-home care services. If your parent requires regular medical assistance, you may need to hire a nurse. Luckily, Medicare covers some home health care services, including therapy services prescribed by a doctor.

The second type is perfect for a senior who needs support with regular activities such as preparing meals, bathing, and socializing. In this case, you may have to hire from an agency or reach out to volunteers in your community. Medicare does not cover these services, but some seniors may qualify for Medicaid benefits or other government programs providing caregiver support services.

Tip #2: Start the conversation early

Don’t wait until you see your parent struggling with daily tasks – start talking about getting outside help early. This way, your parent will be prepared for the time when they require assistance and may even get familiar with a caregiver if you choose to introduce them. It’s essential to explain to your parent that “in-home” care doesn’t mean that a stranger will stay at their house 24/7. Show them how a caregiver can make their life easier and even provide companionship.

Tip #3: Listen to your parent’s point of view

Although your parent is older, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t entitled to have their opinion – even if it means they are against hiring a caregiver. It can be frustrating for children who want to keep their parents safe and sound. Nevertheless, make room to hear out what the senior has to say.

Many seniors worry about having a stranger in their house, and you must find time to listen to their concerns. It’s not an easy decision to make, so allow plenty of time to discuss different options available to your parent. Remember to take care of yourself while taking care of your senior parent. If, for some reason, you don’t have time and energy to help them get ready in the morning or with their chores, politely explain that hiring a caregiver may be the best option.

Tip #4: Involve trusting advisor

Parents have always been authority figures for their children throughout life, so it’s hard for some of them to start listening to their children’s advice. If that’s the case, involving a trusting advisor such as a family doctor, lawyer, or another family member may be a good idea.

Seniors initially tend to reject help even if, deep down, they realize that they need it. Try to start a conversation early and introduce home care while your parents are still in control. This will help them connect with the caregiver personally and not look at them as a complete stranger.

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